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7 Moments…That Define Excellent Leaders Workshop


Business Challenge

How long does it take to build Leadership Excellence?

Just moments… defining moments, that is.

Defining moments might be positive or negative, but either way, we are never the same after experiencing one. These moments shape the leaders we are and the leaders we will become.

You will learn about the seven moments that define every leader… and how you can use them to achieve leadership excellence!

The difference between average and excellent can be found in moments... literally

  • The moment we commit ourselves to a goal.
  • The moment we create a compelling plan to realize our vision.
  • The moment of honest self-reflection that urges us to take action.
  • The moment we feel that our team is really starting to click.
  • The moment we decide to invest in others.
  • The moment we face our fears and choose to change.
  • The moment we take a stand for what we believe.

Target Audience

Leaders at all levels. 

Workshop Length

3.5 or 7.0 hours.

Learning Objectives 

1… a Moment to COMMIT

Giving your all-time best 
  •   Think excellence
  •   Create a compelling cause
  •   Secure your foundation
2… a Moment to PLAN
Taking time out
  •   Set a high-definition vision
  •   Optimize your sweet spot
  •   Magnify your leadership
3… a Moment to ACT
Making every minute count
  •   Check your focus
  •   Treasure your precious resources
  •   Make real-time decisions
4… a Moment to CONNECT
Reaching for the hands of time
  •   Look beyond your employees 
  •   Cultivate your network
  •   Ritualize your team 
5… a Moment to INVEST
Giving your time to improve a life
  •   Inspire future leaders
  •   Live your legacy
  •   Exercise your brain
6… a Moment to CHANGE
Adapting to the times
  •   Delight in discomfort
  •   Know fear
  •   Multiply your power of one
7… a Moment to CONQUER
Standing the test of time
  •   Move through adversity
  •   Take your stand
  •   Stick to it


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“7 Moments... is concise and compelling. By applying Lee's practical and inspiring insights, the reader takes a big step toward achieving excellence. The return on investment for this quick-read book is measured by leadership and personal success.”

Roger T. Staubach
Chairman & CEO
The Staubach Company

“Colan captures the essence of a successful leadership career with actionable insights. He skillfully outlines how defining moments shape our leadership legacy. I loved the emphasis on appreciation because it ALL starts with our employees.”

Jeff Lamb
Vice President, People and Leadership Development
Southwest Airlines