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Influential Selling
  Influential Selling
by Ken Carnes

Our Price: $14.95

Like a broken record, the questions that follow almost every sales meeting in the world are the same, tired refrain: How can we generate more sales and revenue, are we getting everything we need from marketing, how can our sales professionals improve their 'hit rate', how can we win in today's competitive market?

This book answers each of those questions. It is designed to stimulate new ways of thinking about your selling efforts and positioning them to align with your client. It will provide your team with new strategies and activities that will help you start winning today ... and it will change your sales perspective forever.

Read, enjoy, and then apply the principles and techniques of The Influential Advisor!

Free Tools
Influential Selling Tools   
To help reinforce the concepts and provide direction on building the foundation for Influential Selling, the following tools have been provided free of charge.  These checklists are valuable tools which can help you and your team get started on the road to becoming Influential Advisors to your prospects and customers.

Top Research Tools
Developing a Powerful White Paper

Companion Products :

  Influential Selling Presentation

Our Price: $99.95

This professionally produced presentation is the perfect complement to the revolutionary Influential Selling book. Filled with new ways of thinking about your sales efforts and positioning them to align with your customers.

  Influential Selling (Audio CD)

Our Price: $19.95

Learn to answer the questions that follow almost all sales meetings in the world. This book is designed to stimulate new ways of thinking about your selling efforts and positioning them to align with your client.

  Accelerate Sales and Service Package
Our Price: $129.95


Eight dynamic books on how to get and keep customers. Only $129.95!


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31 or more for $13.95 ea.
100 or more for $12.95 ea.

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