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212¼ the extra degreeª
  212¼ the extra degreeª
by Sam Parker

Our Price: $10.95

At 211 degrees, water is hot.

At 212 degrees, it boils.

And with boiling water, comes steam.

And with steam, you can power a train.

One degree more = Exponential results

212¼ the extra degreeª is an inspiring book that focuses on the essential fundamental of effort Ğ the primary fundamental that feeds all others. Its purpose is to inspire the extra level of effort that produces exponential results.

Let 212 become a part of everyone's vocabulary Ğ a way to say "go get 'em" and a way to say "great work" Ğ a tagline as powerful as some of the world's most successful brands but one you can implement with your most valuable asset Ğ your people.