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Quit Drifting, Lift the Fog, and Get Lucky
  Quit Drifting, Lift the Fog, and Get Lucky
by David Cottrell

List Price: $22.00
Special Price: $15.95
You Save: $6.05 (28%)

David Cottrell's newest release is a "little book full of big learnings" providing wisdom and a practical framework to help you become your very best.

Imagine how it would feel to greet each day enthusiastic about your work and your life, with renewed energy and optimism, at peace with yourself and those around you. What would it take to get there, rather than just "getting by"?

In How to Quit Drifting, Lift the Fog, and Get Lucky, leadership authority David Cottrell tells the story of Jack Davis, a hard worker who had thrived early in his career, but finds himself unmotivated, dissatisfied, and unfulfilled. He wants more for himself and his family, but he doesn't know how to get it. Through Jack's meetings with two successful mentors, Cottrell illustrates unique perspectives on achieving success and happiness that anyone can use to improve morale, productivity, and satisfaction at work and in life.

This simple yet profound novelette, written to be read in one sitting, provides practical tools and inspiration to help you on your own path to success. Enjoy the journey!

*   *   *   *   *

"...teaches how to achieve success and how to share your wisdom with others. Implementing the lessons taught in Quit Drifting, Lift the Fog, and Get Lucky will help you become the person you want to be."

--Marshall Goldsmith, #1 Executive Coach for 10 years

"...fascinating perspective on how to achieve your very best, and how you can inspire others to do so as well."

-- Melissa Reiff, CEO, The Container Store

"Do not read this book. Soak it in! This book will move you from where you are to the person you were designed to be."

-- Kevin Brown, Author of The Hero Effect

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  Quit Drifting, Lift the Fog, and Get Lucky Book Study Facilitator and Participant Guides

FREE, downloadable Facilitator Guide and Participant Guide with reviews, discussions and exercises to reinforce some of the key lessons in the book, Quit Drifting, Lift the Fog, and Get Lucky.

  Quit Drifting, Lift the Fog and Get Lucky Presentation

Our Price: $149.95

Enhance the Quit Drifting, Lift the Fog and Get Lucky experience in your organization with this professionally produced PowerPoint Slide Deck. Use the presentation to kick off meetings and training sessions, or as a follow-up reinforcement tool.