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Power Exchange Workshop


Business Challenge

Consider this:  Early in 2005, the workforce scale tipped once and for all.  Generation X and Generation Y worker now make up the majority of the workforce.  As a result, two experienced workers are leaving the workforce for every one who enters it. 

Further, 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 55 years old every day.  As this workforce shift continues, so will the shift away from yesterday’s workplace norms and expectations. 

This new “X/Y” workforce has different expectations about work.  Today’s X/Y workers: 

  • want to know "what the deal is"– exactly what you want from them and what you have to offer them.
  • have a need to be fully engaged at work to help them find a sense of meaning in their jobs and to remain satisfied.
  • feel less connected to the company, and as a result, rely on their supervisors more than any other individual for information, goal clarity, policy interpretation, training, etc.
  • expect their input to really matter and will leave if they see it doesn’t.

Coupled with this demographic shift is the projected shortage of more than 10 million workers in just five years. 

These new workforce dynamics and shrinking talent pool create a new leadership challenge.  If this challenge is ignored it will leave leaders behind the curve of success.  Those who embrace it will boost their team’s competitive advantage and be the leaders of tomorrow. 

The X/Y workforce will require powerful leadership.  Unlike yesterday’s leaders, today’s leaders must exchange their power for employee performance

Target Audience

Leaders at any level. 

Workshop Length

3.5 or 7.0 hours.

Learning Objectives

This workshop will help any leader use the four, simple power converters to boost accountability and performance in today’s workforce.  Participants will: 

  • Learn how to answer the Fundamental 4 – questions employees are always asking, whether or not you hear them.
  • Define Rules of Engagement for their teams.
  • Ask the right question to get the full story.
  • Think outside the suggestion box to generate lots of improvement ideas.
  • Streamline success by reducing time between idea and implementation.
  • Teach employees and at the same time learn from them.
  • Create defining moments for employees and build a sense of ownership.


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“For almost 20 years in industry, I searched for the answer to improved performance and accountability. Then, I met Lee Colan. In Power Exchange, he communicates in his normal quick, crisp and action-oriented style, the essence of how to truly unleash the power of your people. I can't wait to upgrade our suggestion box to an "idea system." Thanks Lee!"

Barry E. Davis
CEO & President
Crosstex Energy