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The Next Level Workshop


Business Challenge

How can we move our organization to the Next Level?

This question reverberates in almost every board room and meeting room, regardless of industry or current performance.

The Next Level: Leading Beyond the Status Quo workshop will enable you and your organization to move beyond the status quo, step by step Ö beginning right now!

The Next Level workshop is about leaving the comfort of complacency to achieve your objectives. It provides a process that will help grow your organizationís bottom line and improve performance at all levels.

Target Audience

Leaders at all levels.

Workshop Length

1 to 3 hours depending upon objectives.

Learning Objectives

Participants will create personal plans to leave their comfort zone and move upward to the Next Level. The eight step process to The Next Level includes:

  • Setting the goal
  • Evaluating the current situation
  • Equipping yourself to reach the Next Level
  • Enduring while facing obstacles to the Next Level
  • Re-evaluating performance
  • Evacuating the comfort zone
  • Sticking to your strategy
  • Setting your Next Level


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