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Monday Morning Leadership Workshop


Business Challenge

What if every one of your managers could spend eight sessions with a mentor? What would be the impact on your organization and your business?

Based on the best selling book Monday Morning Leadership this workshop is designed to mentor your managers and help them develop the eight key leadership principles outlined in Monday Morning Leadership. The concepts are simple, doable, and can be implemented immediately. But, more importantly, they work! They work because the principles are relevant to the realities and challenges faced by your managers every day.

Target Audience

Leaders at all levels.

Workshop Length

2 hours to 6 hours depending upon your objectives. The workshop will be facilitated by the author of Monday Morning Leadership, David Cottrell or a certified CornerStone facilitator.

Learning Objectives

This fast paced workshop will help your leaders:

  • Accept responsibility to become the drivers of your organization.
  • Learn how to maintain focus and keep the main thing the main thing.
  • Discover the impact of escaping from management land and getting in touch with their people.
  • Reinforce that integrity is their most important leadership possession.
  • Motivate them to hire tougher so they can manage easier.
  • Create an extra twenty minutes a day by doing things faster.
  • Learn the principle of buckets and dippers and how to motivate their team.
  • Enter the learning zone and make continuous improvement a priority.

Enhance learning by taking the 180-degree Monday Morning Leadership Profile prior to this workshop.

Conduct your own in-house Monday Morning Leadership Workshop

Purchase your own Monday Morning Leadership Training Program as seen above for $299.95.


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