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David Cottrell is a premier authority on leadership. He is most recognized for the insightful lessons found in his best-selling book Monday Morning Leadership and the popular presentation by the same name. As President and CEO of CornerStone Leadership Institute, one of Americaís largest publishers of management and leadership resources, David inherently understands the challenges and rewards of leadership. His mission is to develop current and future leaders and to mentor them to peak performance. "Leadership is about influence," David explains. "It exists throughout the organization - not just in executives, managers and supervisors."

An internationally known speaker and author, David works with many of todayís most successful organizations. What makes him different from all other leadership experts, and why is he such a sought after speaker?

  • David is a master at developing people. His genuine passion for mentoring others is reflected in his presentations, his array of leadership resources and the work of CornerStone Leadership Institute. Davidís leadership philosophy and lessons have become the guiding force for organizations around the world. More than a quarter of a million leaders whoíve heard him share his leadership message will tell you that David changed not only their perspectives, their energy levels and their attitudes, but also their lives. David is sincerely committed to helping each individual enhance his or her leadership skills.
  • David has walked in leadersí shoes. With over 25 years of leadership experience in corporate America, David knows firsthand the obstacles, frustrations and issues leaders face. In sales and executive management positions with FedEx and Xerox, he created a legacy of leadership excellence, earning awards and achieving levels that continue to stand out as remarkable. His wisdom and sincerity come from one who has "been there." Davidís depth of knowledge and experience make for content-rich learning experiences that few other speakers can match.
  • His message sticks. David is enthusiastic about his message. He has an uncommon talent for making complex issues simple and for anchoring business concepts to concrete subjects people are familiar with and can easily relate to. His lessons are grounded in the real world and reinforced with compelling examples, humorous stories and creative exercises. David is committed to giving participants solid solutions and practical strategies they can and will use to succeed back on the job Ė not just the next day, but the next month and the next year, too.
  • David is a popular business author. He has authored or co-authored more than 20 highly acclaimed books on virtually every aspect of management and leadership development. His books are quick, easy reads that share strategies and tips readers can pick up and use immediately. With more than three million copies in print, Davidís books are trusted leadership training tools for organizations throughout the world.

David Cottrell ... Leadership Lessons You Canít Afford To Miss

David Cottrell receives enthusiastic endorsements from business executives around the world and from legendary speakers and authors such as Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy and Charles "Tremendous" Jones. Most importantly David moves his audiences to action and makes our clients heroes. Below are a few examples of what attendees at the O'Reilly Auto Parts 2007 District Managers' Workshop and Store Manager's Conference attendees had to share about David's presentations:

  • "He is a great speaker and gave me lots of things to try in my district."
  • "He presented the information very well-I will be able to use it to develop store managers."
  • "A great speaker -- I can't begin to write down everything I have learned."
  • "A great speaker who makes you look deep inside to see how you are really doing."
  • "I enjoyed the presentation and am reading more now to better my skills as an O'Reilly manager."
  • "His wrap up was great. I gained a lot of insight into my job as store manager."

To book David Cottrell for your next conference or in-house event, please contact:

Michele Lucia
CornerStone Leadership Institute