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Influential Selling Workshop


Business Challenge

Like a broken record, the questions that follow almost every sales meeting in the world are the same, tired refrain:

  • How can we generate more sales and revenue?
  • Are we getting everything we need from marketing?
  • How can our sales professionals improve their 'hit rate’?
  • How can we win in today's competitive market?

This workshop answers each of those questions. It’s designed to stimulate new ways of thinking about your selling efforts and positioning them to align with your client.

People buy from people they know and trust … but to win in today’s business environment you must go beyond Trusted Advisor to an Influential Advisor. Your thoughts, actions, behaviors, ideas, results and successes create a competitive advantage for you and your company that drive business value and RESULTS.

Target Audience

Leaders, Sales Leaders, High Potentials, Sales Reps and Customer Service Reps at all levels.

Workshop Length

3.5 or 7.0 hours.

Learning Objectives

Influential Selling Workshop based on the successful newly release book Influential Selling is designed to stimulate new ways of thinking about your selling efforts and positioning yourself to establish Credibility, Trust and Influence.

It will provide you and your team with new strategies and activities that will help you start winning today ... and it will change your sales perspective forever regardless of the sales process or selling methodology your company utilizes.

  • Create and capture buyer value
  • Understand that buyers buy thoughts, ideas and solutions and they value relationships
  • How we influence and who we are creates both value and competitive advantage
  • Influential Selling is a strategic approach; that enhances your demand stimulation, business capture and harvest activities.

Exercises develop the “Brand Me” to leverage Knowledge and Experience to gain Credibility, Trust and Influence.


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