Downloadable FAQ's

Q.  How does it work?
A.  A downloadable product (s) is automatically moved from the store server computer to your computer.
Q.  How soon can I get my downloadable product (s)?
A.  You can receive your purchase (s) immediately!
Q.  How do I download my purchase?
A.  After completing the purchase using our secure ordering process, you can access your order details by clicking on the order #. Once you are on the Order Details screen, click on the download link next to the product title. This will begin the process of downloading to your computer.
Q.  What about the cost of Shipping?
A.  Our downloadable products have NO SHIPPING costs.
Q.  Will these products work on my computer?
A.  Some of the downloadable products are Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations that require you to have PowerPoint installed on your computer before trying to open the presentation. Also, the download will be packaged in a "zip" file that you will need to extract to view the contents. If you have any problems, please contact us at 1-888-789-5323.