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Conquering Adversity Workshop


Business Challenge

How do we move forward with purpose and passion in the face of adversity, challenge or setback? What are the strategies that can inspire us both professionally and personally to rise above the difficulties we face and create success?

Conquering Adversity is about succeeding when the odds are against you. It is about the strength of our values, the support of our relationships and the power of communication to transform our most daunting challenges into milestones of accomplishment.

Based on the book, Conquering Adversity: Six Strategies to Move You and Your Team Through Tough Times, by Christopher Novak, this workshop helps participants understand and apply real-world insights to succeed no matter what the obstacles. It focuses on six strategies - affirmation, expectation, communication, locomotion, collaboration, celebration - and the impact of each in professional and personal development.

Its true-life roots and high impact backdrop create a learning moment that few ever forget. Conquering Adversity is an ideal message for business leaders, teams, employees and even older students.

"All of us face adversity in our lives," Novak notes, "it is never a question of 'if', just a question of 'when'. This workshop will make a real difference."

Target Audience

Employees and leaders at all levels. Also appropriate for older students (high school and college) and educators at any level.

Workshop Length

One hour to three hours depending upon workshop objectives. This workshop is conducted by Christopher Novak, author of Conquering Adversity.

Learning Objectives

This fast paced, highly interactive workshop will reinforce the following key objectives:

  • Affirmation - A reflection on our values, on change and on commitment
  • Expectation - Understanding reality versus fairness, optimism and hope
  • Communication - Speak with the heart, share in the moment and invite help
  • Locomotion - Applying a speed-is-life principle and being change agile
  • Collaboration - Recognize your support network, balancing life-work
  • Celebration - Small victories are never small and creating good outcomes

Participants leave with resources and reminders that will help them apply the Conquering Adversity message right away.


For more information contact Christopher Novak: (315) 673-1323 or e-mail
To schedule an event, contact Rachael: (866) 592-0600 or e-mail