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12 Choices That Lead to Your Success


Business Challenge

Why do some people have all the luck? Success is easy to them. They get things done, get along well with the boss and seldom have to deal with irate customers or unhappy employees. They walk around the office greeting everyone with a smile … and on top of that they make the most money!

Maybe that is the way it looks on the outside. But, a closer, deeper look into the real situation reveals that no one has all the luck. Success is a disciplined process requiring hard work.

This workshop is about success ... how to achieve it, keep it, and enjoy it ... by making better choices.

David Cottrell has spent much of his career seeking answers to what separates the successful from those who fail to reach their level of success and has incorporated his findings in the 12 Choices… That Lead to Your success workshop.

"Success is ultimately realized by people who make more right choices and recover from their wrong choices," said Cottrell. "This workshop outlines the choices successful people make.

Target Audience

Employees and leaders at all levels.

Workshop Length

One hour to three hours depending upon objectives. The workshop will be facilitated by David Cottrell the author of 12 Choices … That Lead to Your Success or a certified CornerStone facilitator.

Learning Objectives

This fast-paced, highly interactive workshop will reinforce the principles of success:

  • Making the choice to not be a victim.
  • Making the choice of committing to become your very best.
  • Making the choice to do something and not just let life happen to you.
  • Making the choice to have a positive attitude even when things don’t go as planned.
  • Making the choice to leave a legacy for others to follow.
  • And, seven other choices that will lead to your success.

Enhance learning by taking the 12 Choices... Personal Coaching Profile prior to this workshop.

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