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Winners Always Quit
  Winners Always Quit
by David Cottrell, Lee J. Colan

Our Price: $14.95

Successful people generally analyze, manage their time, get comfortable, strive for success, and show interest.  They all sound pretty good, right?  But what you are doing today may keep you from winning tomorrow.  

This rapid-read book reveals seven pretty good habits you can swap for really great  results.  Learn how to quit today and you will never quit winning!

  • Quit Taking a Ride . . . and Take the Wheel
  • Quit Getting Comfortable . . . and Explore the Edge
  • Quit Analyzing . . . and Follow your Intuition
  • Quit Managing your Time . . . and Manage your Attention
  • Quit Showing Interest . . . and Commit
  • Quit Moving . . . and Be Still
  • Quit Striving for Success . . . and Seek Significance

Companion Products :

  Winners Always Quit Presentation (downloadable)

Our Price: $99.95

Put your team in the Winnerís circle! Introduce Winners Always Quit to your team with this complete, cost-effective companion piece.

  Accelerate Personal Growth Package
Our Price: $99.95


Eleven books that will help you achieve your goals beginning today! The books in this package can help change your perspective on your career.

Begin your personal development today for only $99.95!


Quantity Discounts:

31 or more for $13.95 ea.
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