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A Culture of Service ... Creating Customer Service that Lasts
  A Culture of Service ... Creating Customer Service that Lasts
by David Reed

Our Price: $14.95

Two things ultimately separate successful organizations from all others ... leadership and customer service. A Culture of Service shows you how to create an atmosphere where customers will be loyal to your organization.

This book is about practical application of how to deliver the right service for your clients. Drawing from his experience with Disney and several other organizations, David has provided a great guide that can be implemented by every person on your team.

I'm confident that, once you read A Culture of Service, you'll want to provide a copy for each team leader, supervisor, manager and others responsible for taking care of your customers.

Companion Products :

  Service Where it Counts ... Making a Difference on the Front Line

Our Price: $12.95

"Where the rubber meets the road" or "The buck stops here" are phrases that come to mind when you think of front-line employees and customer service.  The company’s reputation in the marketplace is formed by how that customer is treated by the front-line team member day in and day out.

  Monday Morning Customer Service

Our Price: $14.95

by David Reed and David Cottrell

Monday Morning Customer Service takes you on a journey of eight lessons that demonstrate how to take care of customers so they keep coming back.

  Customer Service Essentials Package

Our Price: $30.00

Three of David Reed's books on customer service excellence for one low price.† Included are Monday Morning Customer Service, Customer Service Where it Counts, and A Culture of Service.† Three book package for $30!

  Accelerate Sales and Service Package
Our Price: $74.95


Six dynamic books on how to get and keep customers. Only $74.95!


Quantity Discounts:

31 or more for $13.95 ea.
101 or more for $12.95 ea.

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